Friday, August 13, 2010

Mark of the Damned Cinema Insomnia DVD Pre-Sale

The Double Disc Danger Pack is Here! (Streets 11-9-10)

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“Thrill seekers BEWARE! Your Danger Ring is flashing! It’s warning you of a ‘world far beyond “normal” things-- Mad scientists, masked men, vampire girls, demons, monsters, rocket-packed heroes, zombie hunters, and even Kung-Fu robots”

This two part CINEMA INSOMNIA Halloween special hosted by Mr. Lobo is loaded with slumber party fun, off-beat humor, vintage TV ads, Drive-In movie trailers, retro craziness, and informative interviews on location in Richmond, Virgina--detailing the making of ERIC MILLER’s homegrown Midnight Movie adventure MARK OF THE DAMNED.

Also, there is a hilarious musical cooking segment with NOVEMBER FIRE recording artist SLOB ZOMBIE and a taste of his new hit single 40 HOUR WEEKEND as well as a CINEMA INSOMNIA music video, WATCHING TV--featuring RON DANTE of THE ARCHIES.

These back to back episodes of the national TV show are dedicated to two VERY important people to CINEMA INSOMNIA who left us in 2009, MR. LOBO’s mentor BOB WILKINS of CREATURE FEATURES and KATIE, MR. LOBO’s BIGGEST FAN!

Save $5.00 on this Pre-Sale and get this amazin DVD set for just $19.95 when you buy from the price goes up to $24.95 on 11-9-10.

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