Friday, March 25, 2011

Porn Stars Featured in Horror Films, Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Chambers, Amber Lynn, Veronica Hart

Over the years adult film stars have had varied success in trying to cross over to mainstream movies. Typically their attempts almost always land them in a horror film or two. For some reason horror film producers assume that their audiences love porn stars... and for the most part they are probably right. Here's a few films that prominently feature some of porn's top ladies.

Rabid - Marilyn Chambers
1977 - Directed by David Cronenberg

Rose (Marilyn Chambers) suffers severe wounds in a motorcycle accident. Experimental surgery turns her into a vampire of sorts that infects her victims with a incurable and fatal case of mania that resembles rabies.

Things - Amber Lynn
A guy and his friend go to his brothers house to drink a ton of beer and end up having to fight some ant-like sharp-toothed creatures that were born of the brother's sickly wife. Amber Lynn plays a news reporter, pretty badly too.

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh - Veronica Hart
Concerns a mysterious Egyptian slasher terrorizing Pittsburgh and a scantly-clad Veronica Hart.

Evil Breed: Legend of Samhain - Jenna Jameson
2003, AKA: Samhain

Also features Chasey Lain and Ginger Lynn Allen. Two American tourists on a romantic camping trip are brutally murdered. A few days later, during the ancient festival of Samhain, a group of American university students moves into a beautiful cottage, surrounded by a lush forest and a majestic lake. They are here to learn about the rituals of the ancient Druids and other Celtic legends. But in the remains of an abandoned copper mine, lives the ancestors of an incestuous clan of cannibals. Stalked by a hulking, disfigured mutant, the students and their chaperone are in for the most harrowing time of their young lives.

Zombie Strippers - Jenna Jameson

Miss Jameson seems to be becoming a favorite porn star to be featured in low budget horror movies. No plot summary required.

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Rivers of a Lost Coast In More Outlets for Pre-Sale!

Rivers of a Lost Coast: Standard Edition is now up in many outlets for pre-sale. You can order at the sites listed here and many others:,,, and many more.

Pre-Order today and save! Streets 5/17/11

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Original Basket Case on DVD! Now Available at www.TheGrindHouse.Net

Yes we have Frank Henenlotter's cult classic Basket Case back in stock at for only $12.95. Use coupon code "Shock" when checking out and save 15%. This is one of the most insane films to come out of New York in the 1980's!

Basket Case: Carrying a mysterious wicker basket around with him Duane Bradley arrives in Manhatten. Whats in the basket? Why Duane's hideously misshapen siamese twin brother Belial of course! Duane has hit the big apple to wreak havoc on the surgeons who separated them.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comic Book Independents Screening in San Francisco!

April 1st, 8pm at Mission Comics and Art in San Francisco you'll be able to catch a screening of our new release Comic Book Independents. That's on the opening night of Wondercon! Filmmaker Chris Brandt will be in attendance, as will Jonathan Morken of Apprehensive Films.

Facebookers can check out the event here:!/event.php?eid=146481555409547

Check out Mission Comics and Art:

Mission Comics and Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph. # 415-695-1545

If you can't make it to the screening, you can pick up a copy of the movie here:

Comic Book Independents:
Discover what it really takes to strike out on your own and become the next big name in graphic novels. Twenty-four respected creators unveil the secrets of the artistic mind, by talking about their favorite medium, the lowest of low-brow arts: Comic Books. Featured Interviews:
Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes)
Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man)
Scott McCloud (Uderstanding Comics)
Erik Larsen (The Savage Dragon)
Robert Williams (Zap!)
Craig Thompson (Blankets)
Wendy Pini (Elfquest)
Jim Woodring (Frank)
Tony Millionaire (Maakies)
Keith Knight (Knight Life)
Eric Powell (The Goon)
Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)
& a Dozen More!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Apprehensive Films Archive Collection is Here!

We are digging into the Apprehensive Films archives and re-issuing many of our old titles as a part of the Apprehensive Films Archive Collection. These are being released to many more outlets through our major distribution channels. These are currently available for Pre-Sale at,,,, and a ton more.

The current release schedule is:

Amputee With an Axe:

Cinema Insomnia: Bigfoot Mysterious Creature

Adventures in Space:

Cinema Insomnia: Carnival of Souls

So log on to your favorite website and pre-order now!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

House on Haunted Hill - Starring Vincent Price

We have the original House on Haunted Hill fom 1959 starring Vincent Price on DVD for just $7.95 at We also have the Cinema Insomnia edition hosted by Mr. Lobo for just a few bucks more.

Would you stay in a haunted house for one night for $10,000? That is the situation of five strangers who have been invited by Frederick Loren to stay at a house where many murders have taken place. As the night wears on, strange sounds and ghostly visions appear to the guests. Will they be able to make it through the night or will someone end up dead? Or was it all a hoax?

House on Haunted Hill stars the eerie Vincent Price as the wealthy playboy Frederick Loren. Director William Castle enjoyed gimmicks. In some of the theaters showing the movie he rigged a skeleton to fly above the audience at the correct time with the movie. Much of the movie s success is owed to Castle's ingenuity.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crippled Masters Promo on

Check out and see the big push they're doing for The Crippled Masters 2 & 3. The banner ad pops up in the lower right hand corner. If it's not there, just refresh the page a couple of times.

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Cats Made Out of Rabbits - Keith Lowell Jensen Prototype

Here it is, the first pics of the new release "Cats Made Out of Rabbits" from stand-up comedian Keith Lowell Jensen. The picture is of Keith Lowell Jensen and Jonathan Morken in the Apprehensive Films offices holding up the two prototypes of the CD. It's currently off to one of the largest comedy record labels in the world for consideration. We'll let you know if they pick it up. We also have a DVD release of this coming too.

Check out more about Keith Lowell Jensen at:

Buy His Releases at:

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colony of the Dark YouTube Review & DVD Give Away

Colony of the Dark, the gritty creature feature from Apprehensive Films, just got a great YouTube Review:

We've also teamed up with The Celebrity Cafe to do a Colony of the Dark DVD give away. Hurry and enter now, only 10 copies are available for the give away.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keith Lowell Jensen, Star of Why Lie? I Need a Drink, is on Fire!

Yes, Keith Lowell Jensen, star and director of Apprehensive Films "Why Lie? I Need a Drink" and professional stand-up comedian is on fire. Jensen recently opened for Robin Williams at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley! He will be opening for Joan Rivers at the Crest Theater on March 13th and is being featured with Steve-O from Jackass starting May 5th at the Punchline.

So go get your copy of Why Lie? I Need a Drink and Jensen's current live CD To The Moon at while you can still approach him for an autograph without being pepper-sprayed!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Girls Go To Hell DVD, Continues to be a Fan Favorite!

We've had Bad Girls Go To Hell out on DVD since 2008 and it continues to sell all the time. It never ceases to amaze me how certain movies never die. Fans continue to seek this film out all the time. It's one of those celluloid anomalies that has long outlived it's drive-in beginnings.

Bad Girls Go To Hell: One of the roughest and most provocative films to come out of 1965! Bad Girls Go to Hell because they're possessed with sex and they know no shame. After murdering her rapist, Ellen hits the road and ends up in some very disturbing situations. She is used and abused throughout the entire film!

Directed by Doris Wishman.

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