Friday, December 31, 2010

Ernie Fosselius's Plan 9.1 Available on Amazon VOD!

You can rent or download Ernie "Hardware Wars" Fosselius's Plan 9.1 and the infamous Blooper Reel from Amazon VOD.

Plan 9.1: A Cheesy Hand-Made Tribute To Edward D. Wood Jr. By Ernie "Hardware Wars" Fosselius. Apprehensive Films proudly presents the official Edition of Ernie Fosselius' Plan 9.1 From Outer Space. WARNING! PUPPEPHOBIA ALERT! This DVD may frighten or traumatize children and some adults with good taste. May cause nightmares. Puppets are CREEPY and DISTURBING, although not nearly as much as the actual actors and filmmakers they represent. Plan 9.1 is not rated. May cause unusual cravings for better entertainment. Ask your doctor is P9.1 is right for you. DVD also includes Ed Wood's original Plan 9 From Outer Space feature film in its entirety! 7 REASONS NOT TO BUY THIS VOD! 1. Exaggertaed caricatures and gross misrepresentations of beloved screen stars. 2. Crudely carved, poorly constructed and ineptly manipulated wooden actors which may be lip-synching their dialogue. 3. A tasteless and vulgar travesty, full of slapstick and the lowest comedy bordering on satire. 4. Infantile, pointless and relentless needling of a well-liked cult classic film. 5. Irreverant and outrageously disrespectful mockery. Rude and crude cheap shots at performers who were only making an honest effort. 6. A mediocre recording of a hopelessly retro, low tech and totally analog puppet show that was incomprehensible in the first place. 7. It's just plain wrong! ERNIE FOSSELIUS has been making bad movies worse since 1977. With his ancient juvenile mind, he designed and hand-whittled the entire organic, hi-fiber cast in Ed Woodian style. He then built the stage, found an empty garage, and performed the show for two cats in the mircale of HIGH DEFinition.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TheGrindHouse.Net After Christmas Sale 20% Store Wide

Get What You Really Wanted For Christmas But Everyone Was Afraid To Buy You! This is the 20% off after Christmas sale for Just use the coupon code "After" to receive the discount when checking out.

This is a store wide sale, so you'll get 20% off your entire order. That includes posters, DVDs, Audio CDs and everything else we sell. Nothing is excluded. Orders must be $5.00 or more. Hurry the sale end January 15th.

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New Distribution Options For Indie, Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi and Exploitation Films

Apprehensive Films has spent the last four years building up it's distribution network. We currently deal with multiple large wholesale distributors who have made our releases available to the large video market (Top 5,000 Video Retailers). We have a strong direct sales outlet ( and we have some solid direct relationships with a handfull of niche retailers.

Now we've created a service to make our distribution network available to all indie filmmakers out there. We specialize in Cult, Horror, Exploitation and Sci-Fi films. But we're open to any genre and indie film. Check out our new Distribution Service Deals:

Make your film available at Netflix, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, TLA and many more. Click on the link above.

Here are some films we've brought to the large market: Hardware Wars (30th Anniversary DVD), Orlok The Vampire in 3D, Why Lie? I Need a Drink, Crippled Masters 2 and Crippled Masters 3.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Reviews are In: Colony of the Dark, Crippled Masters 2 & 3, Why Lie? I Need a Drink

That's right the reviews are coming in fast and furious for the new Apprehensive Films titles.

Colony of the Dark:
"The one area in which this film succeeds the most are its oddly created special effects. That look crude and often call attention to themselves. And yet their gaudiness is exactly what makes them so appealing." -

Crippled Masters 2 & 3:
"Behold films that take both the buddy film genre and the kung-fu genre to strange new places. You don’t even have to be a card-carrying kung-fu fan to enjoy them. Fans of the weird or exploitation in general can surely catch a laugh and maybe even a thrill from these two movies." -

Why Lie? I Need a Drink:
"What a fascinating indie doc this is! When you’re done with this, you’ll no doubt have your opinion about the subject. It might even be different than the one you started out with. It might not. But I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be entertained and enlightened." -

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally a New Apprehensive Films Update: DeathHost $10,000 - Why Lie Distribution Grows - New Releases!

I know it's been a couple of weeks since the last blog update, but things have been crazy around the Apprehensive Films office.

First off Mr. Lobo and his team of Cinsomniacs raised over $11,000 on Kickstarter for the 10th Anniversary Season of the show. This means 26 new episodes of Cinema Insomnia are on their way and possibly the first Cinema Insomnia DVD released into the major Video Market! Things are looking for Cinema Insomnia in 2011!

Our in-house produced documentary Why Lie? I Need a Drink continues to bust down the distribution barriers that many small films of it's kind fall victim to. New retailers that have picked the film up include,,, Red Tag Market and a ton Ebay and Amazon sellers. Our full page ad for the film just came out in the new issue of Documentary Magazine (on stands now). We may also be getting a review in a very large and well respected national newspaper. More on that later.

We're starting 2011 off with a bang. The Crippled Masters 2 & 3 hit store on 1/25/11, Colony of the Dark hits stores on 1/18/11, and Comic Book Independents hits stores on 2/22/11. We're also working on some other great titles for 2011 right now, we're in talks for a couple of Super8mm Creature Features from the direct-to-video 1980's hey day of splatter films.

Undated Releases for 2011

  • Since I Don't Have You (Super8mm Slasher)

  • The Raven in 3D (music by Claudio Simonetti!)

  • The Devil (1981) Insect Vomiting at it's Finest!

  • Naked Massacre (1976) Special Edition

  • The Keith Lowell Jensen Super Comedy Double Feature

  • & Many More

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Treevenge! A Great Christmas Horror Short Film

Here it is Treevenge, one of the best Christmas themed short horror films we've ever seen. Even though Apprehensive Films had nothing to do with this film, we thought our audience would enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

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Comic Book Independents DVD Now Up For Pre-Sale

I know we anounced this title earlier this year, but we had to push back the release date a bit. Comic Book Independents is now officially up for Pre-Sale on many more outlets to come. This title will be released to masses on 2-22-11. Pre-order yours today at:

"I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone intersted in comics." --Ain't It Cool News

Discover what it really takes to strike out on your own and become the next big name in graphic novels. Twenty-four respected creators unveil the secrets of the artistic mind, by talking about their favorite medium, the lowest of low-brow arts: Comic Books.

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