Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 is a Year of Major Change for Apprehensive Films & The World

I used the Dracula Lives cover on left to represent change. I own this over-sized comic and thought there wasn't a better way to symbolize change than the cover art of the vampire bat morphing into Dracula!

2011 Has Been a Strange New World to Most Everyone.

- The Unemployment Rate in the US is at an All-Time High since the Great Depression.
- Disney Laid-Off 250 People from their Distribution Division.
- A Hamburger Restaurant is Opening in Folsom CA, near where I live, More than 800 People Have Applied for Jobs There.
- Nasa Laid-Off 9,000 People.
- The Government Planned to Create 18,000 New Jobs, They Succeeded in Creating 1,800...

The list of depressing fact goes on and on, way too long to mention them all here. It's time for major change and it has to start from the bottom up, if you're waiting for it to "Trickle Down" you'll die poor, old and still waiting. Things need to change at the base line, Entrepreneurs are the future. People who can create their own income. If your old sales channel isn't working, find a new one. Keep turning over rocks, there will be gold under some of them. Swallow your pride and do what needs to be done. Post up next to a RedBox and start selling your indie movie hand to hand. Start selling your CD's out the trunk of your car. Look at getting your product into niche markets that may be flourishing in a poor economy. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries anyone? Move forward, the VHS Boom is gone, but something just as exciting could be right around the corner, but we have to get off our asses and find it. If we don't initiate change on our end, the rich will just become wealthier and the poor will die.

- Jonathan Morken
Apprehensive Films