Saturday, January 12, 2013

420 Triple Feature Vol. 2 Contact High DVD

The 420 Triple Feature is back with more wildly absurd "educational" films on marijuana use. Does blowing grass make the user have violent hallucinations? Does puffing on a marijuana cigarette turn you into a non-functioning weed head? Find out the answers to these burning questions within these featured films The Terrible Truth (1951), The Devil's Weed (1949) and The Devil's Harvest (1942).

Release Date: 3-26-13

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Exploitation Double Feature: Black Cobra Woman - Super Bitch DVD

The Exploitation Double Feature packs a one-two punch. Laura Gemser heats things up in Black Cobra Woman, a wild tale of sex, betrayal and murder perpetrated by the serpent kind! Also featuring Jack Palance!! SuperBitch is an amazing piece of Euro-Crime from the 1970s! Full of hard violence, extreme car chases, hot naked women and enough machismo to give Dirty Harry a run for his money

Release Date: 2-19-13

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Gorgan Vs The Flying Spider DVD Up For Pre-Sale

A Prehistoric Battle of Monstrous Proportions!

The battle is set in ancient Japan. A former student of a powerful elderly wizard turns to black magic and comes back to reign terror on the quiet village. The wizard's new understudy must take on this evil foe and save the village. The two students battle it out in true wizard form and shape shift into giant monsters. Get ready for Giant Spiders, Fire Breathing Dragons, Horned Toads, Giant Birds, Flying Decapitated Heads and all to familiar Kaiju roars!!

Larry Scholl's Midnight Matinee: Legendary Hollywood story board artist, Larry Scholl, hand picks a wild selection of films both for kids and adults alike. The Midnight Matinee line of DVDs are great to share with your children on a Saturday Morning, but are off-kilter enough to enjoy with your adult friends late on a Saturday night. So grabs your kids, buds or beer and enjoy this nostalgic oddity! as

Limited Edition To Just 500 Units!! Each Unit is Hand Numbered.

Release Date: 1-29-13

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Ghost of Rashmon Hall DVD Up For Pre-Order

A Blood Curdling Tale From Beyond!

The Ghost of Rashmon Hall is a classic spook show from 1947. A small group of elite socialites gather to exchange haunted tales at Rashmon Hall. The main story actually takes place at the creepy old manor in which the group has gathered. Things get out of hand when a doctor is brought to manor to try and rid the house of the evil spirits. Great atmosphere and incredible twist ending.

Limited Edition To Just 500 Units!! Each Unit is Hand Numbered.

Release Date: 1-22-13

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Another Way To Sell on

Here's a program that a lot of start-up labels and indie filmmakers seem to miss. Sure Amazon has their print on demand program CreateSpace, but they also have a very cool program called Advantage. Checkout

The Amazon Advantage program allows small labels and indie filmmakers or musicians to sell their DVDs or CDs directly to Amazon. So if you're able or willing to manufacture retail ready DVDs or CDs you can sell direct to Amazon. The program has very low start-up costs and you'll  make a lot more money per unit than you would with CreateSpace. It's definitely worth checking out.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey Where's My Sales Report? Indie Filmmakers Getting Screwed in the Distribution World

In the world of indie film distribution there is an old scam that still is very prevalent today, it's pretty easy to avoid it for the most-part, but many filmmakers never get paid on their distribution deals. It's a very simple scam, here's how it goes down. A filmmaker finishes their film and send it to a small distribution label, we'll call them Celebrity Flicks International (fictional), CFI agrees to distribute the film and the filmmakers sign and exclusive contract. CFI gets the film setup and is very cooperative with the filmmakers and the film gets released on DVD, VOD and other Digital Outlets. The first reporting period goes by and no sales reports show up.

So the filmmaker follows up with CFI, who's probably far away in a different state, and just gets CFI's voice mail. CFI doesn't return any phone calls or e-mails for weeks. If the filmmaker is really persistent, they'll get a reply and it will usually be one of two responses: "What, you didn't get the report and check, I'll have to talk to my accountant and see what happened. I'll get back to you." or "We're behind on reporting, it will be on your next statement". Well the truth is there is no report or money coming and now your film is out there making money for someone else. Plus, even though your distributor is in breach of contract, you'll have a very hard time getting another distributor to pick it up because your film is already saturated in the marketplace.

How do companies like CFI get away with this? Because for the most part they probably only owe the filmmaker a small amount of money $10k or less. They know most indie filmmakers don't have the money to sue and that they won't travel to another state to go to court. So CFI pockets the money and is there waiting to sign the next naive filmmaker who sends them their movie.

How do filmmakers avoid this? Do some very simple research on your potential distributor. It's so easy today with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Look at the distributors catalog and then look up the filmmakers that they distribute. Contact the filmmakers and tell them what you're doing and ask them if the distributor in question worked out for them. Did they get paid? Filmmakers will be more than willing to speak up about their experience with a distributor.

Even with good references this can still happen. We've entered into over ten separate distribution agreements with different wholesalers, retailers and distribution labels. We've only been screwed on one deal and it was this same old scam, and we had checked references. It's not fool proof but has worked for us over 90% of the time.

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