Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amputee With an Axe DVD Price Drop

Slasher fans out there, we just dropped the price of our DVD of Amputee With an Axe from $14.95 to just $12.95!

The first film to be called a "gore-nography!" Amputee With An Axe helped kick start the slasher genre. Mathew, a deranged young man with a hook for a hand, uses all kinds of weapons to murder and torture women. He becomes obsessed with a prostitute that will be his bride whether she likes it or not. Color, 1975, 90 minutes. AKA: Scream Bloody Murder, Claw of Terror, Mathew, Captive Female.

This disc also includes the short film The Attendant. A short film that concerns a bath-room attendant and the creature he cares for, which resides in the urinal. A creature feature splatterfest! Shot on 16mm film. Written & Directed by: Jonathan Morken.

Special Features: Short film: The Attendant, Original Poster Gallery, Chapter Stops, Full Color Packaging.

Everything Apprehensive:

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