Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heart Full of Napalm DVD Clearance at www.TheGrindHouse.Net

This title has been discontinued. These are old "Punk Rock" style covers from when Apprehensive Films first launched it's distribution arm and we were selling DVDs at underground punk shows. Very limited quantities available.

A DVD compilation of short horror & exploitation films. Warning: This disc contains elements of standard "GrindHouse" material including but not limited to sleaze, gore, violence, language, intense horror and more! Not recomended for people under 17 or anyone with a medical condition.

The disc includes four shorts; Sublime Depravity, Nwar, Cessation Resolution Nouvelle, and Bible The Movie.

Sublime Depravity: A gut wrenching depiction of a young girl's journey into the world of "Snuff" cinema. Shot on Super-8mm film, not video!! Written and Directed by: Jonathan Morken.

Nwar: The film centers on a group of seedy characters, each trying to snub the other out, all in the name of greed and lust. Super-8mm B&W. Written and Directed by: Jonathan Morken & Erik Beckett.

Cessation Resolution Nouvelle: A spontaneous combustion of clay animation. Super-8mm. Soundtrack by: The Secretions Written by: Jonathan Morken & Jeremiah Fender. Directed by: Jonathan Morken. Animation by: Nick Garrett.

Bible: The Movie: An animated comedy poking fun at Jesus' birth and The Last Supper. Written and Directed by: Keith Lowell Jensen.

Special Features: Three Trailers for Nwar, Interview with the Writers & Directors of Nwar, Two Original Trailers for Sublime Depravity and a Making of Cessation Resolution Nouvelle.

This is the first DVD Apprehensive Films ever released, get yours now before it's gone forever. The last copies we hav are going for just $4.95 and they're only available at

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