Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cinema Insomnia Super Wheels Now Available for Download on Amazon VOD

Apprehensive Films has made the Super Wheels episode of Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo available for rent and download on Amazon VOD!

Download or Rent it here:

SUPER WHEELS: (AKA Superbug The Craziest Car In The World)
Move over CHRISTINE! This tiny bug is in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! Okay, it's a bit more like HERBIE THE LOVE BUG. However, it will leave you horrified.

Your driving instructor and movie host Mr. Lobo navigates through th pot holes and plot holes in this cinematic obstacle course for lovers of misunderstood Drive-In films. And boy howdy, is this one really misunderstood! This movie is the 4th and worst of 5 films about DU-DU the wackiest car in Europe. This time, actor, inventor, filmmaker Rudolph Zehetengruber's yellow beetle is in a wacky race over the Swiss Alps to raise ta money for some sexy nuns who run an orphanage out of an old train station or something. There is a two-headed car, possibly named CA-CA, and at one point DU-DU impossibly turns into a helicopter a la Inspector Gadget.

Meanwhile, Cinema Insomnia's pit crew have some wacky exploits of their own as Mr. Lobo's co-host and houseplant, Miss Mittens, learns how to operate a motor vehicle with hilarious results. Drivers training films from Mr. Lobo's high school days, trailers, car-toons, vintage TV ads and other kitschy spare parts ar installed to help drag this loser over th finish line in the Indy 500 of late night slumber party fun! Actung Baby!

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