Friday, September 17, 2010

Cinema Insomnia 24 DVD Pack is Back For Halloween at The

That's right, the 24 Cinema Insomnia DVD pack is back by popular demand. Just in time for Halloween, Mr. Lobo's and Apprehensive Films' favorite holiday! 24 DVDs for just $250.00 shipped! Only at and

You get a total of 24 DVDs in this set. 21 two-hour Cinema Isomnia episodes. The Non-Stop Movie Party: Zombies, Queen of Trash Music Video and the Halloween Special with Bob Wilkins.
Cinema Insomnia episodes included in this package are Gamera Supr Monster, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Wasp Woman, Brain That Wouldn't Die, Gappa Monsters From a Prehistoric Planet, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Bigfoot Mysterious Creature, Creature, Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, Bucket of Blood, Carnival of Souls, Eegah!, Superargo, Invasion of the Neptune Men, Prince of Space, Night of the Living Dead, House on Haunted Hill, Horror of Party Beach, Plan 9 From Outer Space and In Search of Ancient Astronauts.

24 DVDs for only 250 bucks and Mr. Lobo pays shipping! Order today!

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