Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ultimate Horror Pack!! 13 DVDs for Only $99.95, Free Shipping at www.TheGrindHouse.Net

13 Terrifying Horror DVDs for only $99.95!! Shipping is free in the Lower 48 States (USA).

This package is valued at more than $150.00 at regular retail price. You get all the titles below. Many are part of our limited, 500 unit editions, so order soon before they're no longer available!!

  • All Night Halloween Party
  • Amputee With an Axe
  • Calamity of Snakes
  • Cannibal Island
  • The Devil
  • Dr. Jekyll Vs The Werewolf
  • Dracula Blows His Cool
  • Fog Returns to Murder Mansion
  • Ghost of Rashmon Hall
  • Magdalena: The Devil Inside the Female
  • Night of Bloody Horror
  • Swingers Massacre
  • Mystery DVD?!?! What could it be, who knows, but it will be horrific!
Order Now at www.TheGrindHouse.Net

Everything Apprehensive:

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