Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crippled Masters 2 & 3 Double Disc DVD Coming 7-24-12

Apprehensive Films is proud to present the Crippled Masters 2 & 3 double disc edition. Streets: 7-24-12

The Crippled Masters 2: Two masters, one without arms, one without legs, together they will conquer all! Pure crippled kung-fu exploitation amusements that could have only come out of Hong Kong in the 1980s. Frank Shum and Jack Conn are back in deadly action. This time, along with a chimpanzee, they are protecting a beautiful girl who is on the run from local gangsters and who has become temporarily blinded. The cripples struggle for the young girl's affection while trying to hide the fact that they are handicapped. The two crippled heroes break out all kinds of kung-fu action including a skateboard like apparatus with hooks, spinning spider kicks and foot operated throwing knives. This DVD includes the bonus short film Pagoda Hell. From director Ernie, Hardware Wars, Fosselius comes an inspired short film that uncovers the ancient secret kung-fu style Cur-Lee. A truly unique DVD that will keep you coming back to watch in awe again and again.

The Crippled Masters 3: Two brothers, one without arms, one without legs, together they will persevere! More crippled Kung-Fu action in this incredible exploitation export from 1980's Hong Kong. Frank Shum and Jack Conn are back in the third installment in this incredible franchise. This time they're moving from their rural home into the city of Taipei in search of employment. Searching for work in the city is tough, especially while training for the Kung-Fu Championship. City life isn't easy for our two crippled heroes while fighting off local gangsters, struggling to make rent and even foiling would be thieves. This film doesn't skimp on insane kung-fu action either. One of the brothers can even fly! This DVD includes the bonus short film "A Farewell to Arm" from the Snyder Brothers, who brought you Reaper Madness. A Hemingway-esque spoof of manhood via a father-son arm wrestling challenge. This DVD packs in more arm-less action than you can handle!

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