Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big News for the 420 Triple Feature Release!!

The 420 Triple Feature release is shaping up to be one of most successful releases to date.

First off today is the official release date of the DVD! Available at Fry's Electronics stores, Dimple Records (for those of you in the Sacramento area) and of course www.TheGrindHouse.Net among many, many other websites.

The 420 Triple Feature has been picked up for national Cable/Satellite VOD through Gravitas Ventures and will be available in 18 million+ homes starting on 4/20/12!! has picked up the release for rentals in the UK. LoveFilm is owned by Amazon and pretty much operates exactly like Netflix, or at least how Netflix used to operate.

We just got another cool review from the good folks at Cinema Retro They seemed to very much enjoy the disc with it's "Groovy Psychedelic Packaging" and "Unintentionally Hilarious" collection of propaganda movies!

Also, we have some really big news for those who live in the Sacramento region. On 4/20/12 at 11pm you'll be able to catch the 420 Triple Feature on the big screen at The Crest Theater. The show is being hosted by stand-up comedian Keith Lowell Jensen and is sponsored by Common Roots Medical Marijuana Collective and Trade School!

Everything Apprehensive:

The Official Apprehensive Films Store: www.TheGrindHouse.Net

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