Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apprehensive Films & Keith Lowell Jensen

Even though Apprehensive Films is mainly a cult horror movie label, we do go into some other areas when the content is entertaining and we see a market for it. Last year we took on an odd challenge of putting out a stand up comedy CD by comedian Keith Lowell Jensen. Obviously Apprehensive Films' relationship with Jensen goes way back. Last year we put out his live comedy CD "To The Moon... Live at Luna's" and we have the documentary starring Jensen "Why Lie? I Need a Drink" hitting DVD later this year.

"To The Moon... Live at Luna's" was very successful. The CD and digital downloads sold quite well. We ended up getting the CD in numerous retail outlets like Amazon, CD Universe and more. The digital downloads made it into Napster, Itunes, La La and a ton more. Upon the success of last year's release we decided to follow it up with a new CD/DVD release of Jensen's new stand up routine. We're currently in talks with some larger labels that are interested in the project, so this one maybe going very wide. We'll keep you posted....

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